SEPIA Illustration
SEPIA is a German Illustration Agency with excellent artists for Advertising, Design, Book and Editorial.

locked iPhone with letters inside

It is very difficult for investigators to get iPhone data from criminals. Politicians are demanding that wiretapping be allowed in certain circumstances. Illustration by André Laame for F.A.Z.

kids fighting with old people in the purple woods

Young vs. Evil. Illustration by Robert Deutsch for Max Joseph, Magazine of Bavarian State Opera.

people in a greenhouse with plants

Simon Bailly for Plansponsor magazine about »HSA Investment Options«.

Friedrich Schiller in a jump-and-run game

Bene Rohlmann draws portraits of philosophers for the Austrian magazine The Red Bulletin: Friedrich Schiller

portrait of Ida Bauer

detail of Sigmund Freud
small Ida Bauer standing on the hand of Sigmund Freud

Isabel Seliger drew 100 illustrations for the animated radioplay IDA. It is about Ida Bauer – the patient of Sigmund Freud.

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