SEPIA Illustration
SEPIA is a German Illustration Agency with the best artists for Advertising, Design, Book and Editorial.

oldtimer car in a big safe

What would be your preference to invest $1 Million? Isabel Seliger for Bloomberg online.

comic panel collage of running dogs and a womans face

We congratulate! Isabel Seliger is honored by the Society of Illustrators. Her work »Wahrlight« of the New York Times Book Review is selected for the exhibition and the annual »Illustrators 61«.

red Tasmanian tiger with a blue butterfly

Bene Rohlmann's illustration »Tasmanian Tiger« is selected by the Society of Illustrators. It will be part of the exhibition in February and the annual of the SOI. Congratulations, Bene!

portrait of musician Lemmy Kilmister surrounded by food icons

Frederik Jurks portrait of Lemmy Kilmister and other striking graphics are published in the new Red Bulletin Magazine.

people sitting in a library

The new cover of PAGE, a French magazine about literature. Illustrated by Benjamin Courtault.

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