About us

We have been representing selected illustrators from all over Europe since 2012. With our selection, we strive for one goal: to create images that stand out and stay in the mind. This requires extraordinary ideas, distinctive styles and experience. This is what unites our talents at Sepia.

We offer our services to designers from international advertising agencies and publishing houses. They are pleased with unique results. The work of our artists regularly receives awards.

What our clients say about us

»… I would like to thank you very much for your detailed magazine review. You have given a lot of thought to our brandeins /thema 20 Wirtschaftsjuristen issue and also to the entire series of issues, and have provided us with well-founded input. For us as editors, it was great to see how intensively you, as an illustration agency, deal with editorial design. Your eye on the production process was also very helpful, and of course you are unbeatable when it comes to discussing good illustrators.« (translated from German)
Britta Max (Art Director, brand eins)