Our Profile

In the summer of 2012 Anja Laame founded the agency Sepia in Hamburg. Frederik Jurk, Armin Schieb and André Laame have been part of the represented illustrators right from the beginning. Starting with magazine illustration, the fields expanded soon to advertising and book.

For several years Anja Laame managed the consultation of image processing for magazines. Today she directs the representation and is contact for enquiries of clients.
»I am delighted how illustration is able to fill a blank sheet with life. I love to find and recommend the right artist for a great result. That’s fun.«

Today the agency Sepia is based in Münster and represents twelve illustrators from different countries. Their work has been honored in various design competitions.

Our services

Selection and Inspiration
In our portfolio you find exceptional and remarkable styles. We recruit new talents and let you discover them for your project. You save time and cooperate with an expert, who understands your requirements. Our illustrators delight international clients. Their work is honored by a number of awards, such as the annual award of the Society of Illustrators (New York).

Creative Consultance
We know our artists. To achieve the best result, you need to contribute personal strenght at the right place. No recommend you the best illustrator.

Appropriate Offer
Share your thoughts with us. We want to understand your project and make a good offer: What is your aim, which media do you want to use, which styles do you prefer? Our offer is based on the amount of illustration work and the usage fee.

Running late?
Deadline is close and you don’t have an idea in mind? Bring us on board. We can find the illustrator who keeps cool under time pressure. If there is additional expense necessary, we will let you know.

The briefing changes during production? We give answers and adjust the offer if necessary. Just let us know as soon as possible if something changes.

Illustrations have the strength to make your corporate identity unique. We help that this comes into effect.