How AI devours its trainers, Emmanuel Polanco for Der Spiegel

Emmanuel Polanco

man sitting on huge keys

portrait of author

man falling into a huge keyboard

man sitting in a spotlight with head on his laptop

Emmanuel Polanco illustrated for Der Spiegel. In »Ein Autor schafft sich ab« (Issue 37 2023), Quentin Lichtblau tells about a self-test in which he wants to teach an AI how to write.
(1) Programming (2) Portrait of Quentin Lichtblau (3) Free fall (4) Exhausted author

Emmanuel Polanco appreciated his collaboration with the news magazine very much: »I really like to work with you on this very interesting reportage, I have to say that the subject and the writing was very inspiring, a lot of images come to mind when the narrative is so great. I always think that words can give, to a pictorial artist like me, a lot of ideas and inspiration.«

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