window lights in the dark


Senior citizens in subsidized housing have been dying alone at home unnoticed because of coronavirus distancing. For ProPublica.

© Isabel Seliger

woman with a corncob, taco, truck


Spicy tacos to go are available at the El Taco Truck. This is the artwork for the Swedish food truck.

© Bene Rohlmann

researchers in laboratory

patients are tested


Tests against the epidemic. For magazine of Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy.

© Anton Hallmann

oldtimer cars in front of a museum


The magazine about living, travel, food and nature The Weekender portraits the museum of the former holiday route N7 in France. Even in the comic »Asterix and the Banquet«, Asterix and Obelix got stuck in the holiday traffic on the N7.
ILLUSTRATION: © Simon Bailly

© Simon Bailly

big head with bubbles and a small person searching with a flashlight


Mindwandering: When people are engaged in an attention-demanding task, their thoughts are not remaining on a single topic for a long period of time. Infographic for german magazine Psychologie Heute.
ILLUSTRATION: © Anton Hallmann

© Anton Hallmann

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