Recent Work

painting of philosopher Pierre Manent
17.01.2023   Portrait painting: Philosopher Pierre Manent
2 Bilder © André Laame
tentacles making a sandwich
10.01.2023   FTWeekend Food
4 Bilder © Simon Bailly
infographic about the diagnostics of urine as a realistic 3d universe
01.01.2023   Galaxies of diagnostics
3 Bilder © Armin Schieb
photo of the magazine of German football league with doublportraits of trainers Urs Fischer and Markus Hoffmann and Marco Rose and Alexander Zickler
30.12.2022   Dreamteams of the German Football League
2 Bilder © André Laame
an eye behind a swarm of fishes a man with gas mask in urban atmosphere
29.12.2022   Special Edition »The Swarm«
4 Bilder © Isabel Seliger
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