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an eye behind a swarm of fishes a man with gas mask in urban atmosphere
29.12.2022   Sonderausgabe »Der Schwarm«
4 Bilder © Isabel Seliger
people carrying a christmas tree
13.12.2022   Frohe Weihnachten!
© Clo'e Floirat
two children look amazed at ants and beetles
01.11.2022   Entdecke den Regenwald
4 Bilder © Anton Hallmann
walking man in a snowy forest with blue tits in the front
11.10.2022   Weineditionen der SZ 2022
4 Bilder © Anton Hallmann
book cover of the atlas about places of the ancient world and a photo of the gold medal by society of illustrators
04.10.2022   Atlante dei Luoghi Misteriosi dell'Antichità
5 Bilder © Francesco Bongiorni
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