a collage of young and old people in every day situations sitting around a table, eating and riding bikes


The study »1point5lifestyles« explores what we can change in our everyday lives to achieve the climate goal. Anton Hallmann combines three areas of life into a collage: How can we eat, live and be mobile more sustainably? For the ZOE Institute for future-fit economies on the 1.5 degree against climate change.

© Anton Hallmann

a crab pushing a fork away from a croquette


Tim Hayward's food column in the Financial Times weekend magazine is now accompanied by Simon Bailly's illustrations.

© Simon Bailly

film poster with a back view on a woman head


Isabel Seliger drew the poster for the film »Katja dreams of waking up«. The film will be released on April 25 at the »Achtung Berlin Film Festival«.

© Isabel Seliger

drawn musicians LaBrassBanda


Frederik Jurk portrayed the cult band LaBrassBanda for their book "LaBrassBanda - Barefoot in Lederhosen around the world".

© Frederik Jurk

realistic illustration of a bird in the forest with ants


This large view of a woodpecker comes from the book »The Ant Collective«. Armin Schieb prepared his years of research on ants in detailed panoramic images. On 128 pages he takes us readers on a journey into the forest. Or as Science journalist Karsten Möbius from MDR says in his book recommendation:

»It's like visiting an alien planet, where you immediately find your way around thanks to the clear and concise instructions and can't get out of being amazed.«

Indeed, we are at eye level with the animals, seeing how ants live, communicate with each other, and what weapons they use against enemies. Through understanding, we come close to Armin Schieb's goal and realize: Ants may be small, but they are animals worth protecting. His book has been published as a large-format illustrated book by Kosmos Verlag. It has since been translated into three other languages and has been published in France, the Czech Republic and Finland.

© Armin Schieb

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