Politik & Wirtschaft

magazine layout with the portrait of Adrian Vermuele
German flag behind a big fence
magazine layout with the portrait of Nick Clegg
painted Portrait of President Barack Obama

painted portrait of Robert Holzmann
office workers during the pandemic wearing masks
workers in china at Sewing machines
illustration of a traffic light with people
the French rooster and German eagle with the Europe sign
woman looking out from a bull-eye window
illustration of a giant magic cube with people sorting the colors on it
illustration of chess figures
illustration how Angela Merkel goes out of the room and new people come in
a dove on an axe with the European flag
a man working hard for  money
ashamed Airbus 380
fighting schools
collapsing banks
buero carried by ballons in the sky
boris johnson crashing england
people talking about the future
workers in different jobs
scenes of people in different epochs doing agriculture
trainees in different jobs
unemployed man in China
federal eagle and citizens
2 men connect their homeland in the sea
driving house