house carved out of a trunk
a small airplane flying in front of a big coffee paper cup
house from birds view
weapon combined with the sillhouette of America
cardinal with a bloody crosier
a bookmark lying on the shadow of a face
a woman stabbed to death by a big pen
a woman pushing a electrode in a head grid
the French rooster and German eagle with the Europe sign
a woman sitting on a chair with a big stone on the desk in front of her that causes a big shadow on her
illustration of a giant magic cube with people sorting the colors on it
pope with a nipple on his zucchetto
head of the Statue of Liberty with masks of the Ku Klux Klan on the head wreath
boy walking between wooden fire elements
a dove on an axe with the European flag

people sitting on a filmstrip over a camera
a city on the roof of a tram

two workers on a crane in a landscape with trees and mountains installing a bulb that looks like the moon
2 men connect their homeland in the sea
driving house
a man sees the small cat inside of a tiger
woman from behind in a purple landscape, looking through a curtain
an overturned coffee cup with coffee running onto a postcard that shows a cruise ship