drawing of two speakers with a microphone in front of the city hall in the town Münster


The LWL-Museum of Art and Culture was looking for a design for a podcast. It is about Jewish stories of the town Münster. Emmanuel Polanco drew the two speakers in front of the city hall at the famous Prinzipalmarkt. The illustration has been published digitally and on posters, flyers and postcards in the city. The podcast is named after a Jewish saying »Menschenherz und Meeresboden sind unergründlich«. It is now available free of charge on all known platforms.

© Emmanuel Polanco

drawing of a cafe in focus of a crosshair


A few years ago, a Berlin café was targeted by contract killers. The drawing by Isabel Seliger shows this place and appeared in the weekly newspaper Die Zeit.

© Isabel Seliger

drawn characters from a comic in black and white

comic of ill characters


For his comics Ulf K. always creates new characters. These are from the Pixibook for »Mission Corona«. The publisher Carlsen K brought out the free eBook at lockdown time.

© Ulf K.

illustrated characters of cancer running away from a character of the immune system

bad guy hides in a package
bad guy pretends to be part of the immune system


For the magazine of the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ), Luca Boscardin illustrates cancer cells that trick the immune system.

© Luca Boscardin

painted portray of Robert Holzmann


André Laame portrayed Robert Holzmann, head of OeNB (central bank of Austria), for magazine Wirtschaftswoche.

© André Laame

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