illustrated galaxies with the contents of urine


An excursion into the universe of urine parameters. Armin Schieb designed the four galaxies of diagnostics for the company Sysmex. You find the whole panorama illustration of the magazine on the first picture. The second and third pictures are close-ups from the 3d illustration.

© Armin Schieb


»The Crown« Simon Bailly on persons in different roles in series.

© Simon Bailly

money expert

family playing with kids
woman enjoyning sun on the beach


Anton Hallmann illustrated different types of money investors for the Finanztest magazine. Guess, who enjoys the sabbatical? Who is the expert? And who wants to save money for the family?

© Anton Hallmann

graphics of seafood

photo of the cookbook cover Scarti d'Italia


On her journey through Italy, chef Valentina Raffaelli looked for recipes where nothing is thrown away - according to old tradition. Together with her husband Luca Boscardin, she rediscovered the culinary culture of her homeland. The result is in their common cookbook Scarti d'Italia. Luca has illustrated the book with many drawings and graphics in his typical minimalist style.

© Luca Boscardin

book cover of the ant collective, double pages of the book with ants fighting against ladybirds, infographic of an ant


The ICMA awards gold for »The Ant Collective«. Armin's award makes us happy and proud! There is a lot of knowledge about the insects of the forest in his book, presented in big-sized 3D illustrations and infographics.

© Armin Schieb

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