face of a man in the light of a pocket lamp with ghosts around him

hiker whistlers a song
mountaineer observes a mountain goat


Besides charming infographics Anton Hallmann designs vignettes. For the adventure magazine Free Men's World he has designed 20 tips for the Summer at Home: Horror stories in the tent camp, hiking songs and descending like a mountain goat.

© Anton Hallmann

different drawings show funny ways to use masks when Corona is over


L’avenir masqué (the hidden future) by Simon Bailly. Ideas for the future of masks for French newspaper Le 1.

© Simon Bailly

rhino standing in a street of a city with plants growing all around


A cover illustration by Simon Bailly for the Best-of issue of the French magazine Society. About the revenge of nature.

© Simon Bailly

an old lady pulls up food in a bucket

people in the neighbourhood making music, cooking, making sports and playing


The digital Collages of Anton Hallmann tell little stories. This one is about solidarity in the neighbourhood during corona. For magazine of housing company GESOBAU in Berlin.

© Anton Hallmann

painting with a map of the town Leipzig


Robert Deutsch painted his home town in acrylic. Original map of Leipzig: 84 x 60 cm.

© Robert Deutsch

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