book cover of the ant collective, double pages of the book with ants fighting against ladybirds, infographic of an ant


The ICMA awards gold for »The Ant Collective«. Armin's award makes us happy and proud! There is a lot of knowledge about the insects of the forest in his book, presented in big-sized 3D illustrations and infographics.

© Armin Schieb

a young woman looking through a wall of arrows to her father


Disinformation on YouTube influences people's opinions and behaviour. Familiar people suddenly become strangers. Isabel Seliger drew a daughter and her father for NPR.

© Isabel Seliger

Alexei nawalny and vladimir Putin


People take to the streets for Alexei Navalny and demand: »Freedom for Navalny«! The illustration by André Laame appeared on the cover of the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

© André Laame

woman sitting in front of a monitor wearing a mask, display with people on zoom, people in a lift wearing masks during the pandemic


Isabel Seliger sensitively draws people and their surroundings. Also in the cover picture for the American magazine Variety on the new workplace culture through COVID-19.

© Isabel Seliger

painter Claude Monet in front of his famous picture with water lilies


»What can there be to say [...] about a man who is interested in nothing in the world but his painting - and also his garden and his flowers?« - Claude Monet in the Musée de l'Orangerie, a portrait by Emmanuel Polanco.

© Emmanuel Polanco

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