portrait in mixed media of truganini


»Truganini« is considered the last survivor of the Aborigines of Tasmania. A collage for the Boulevard of Heroes in The Red Bulletin magazine.

© Bene Rohlmann

female doctor, child, men in front of a hospital and watering a tree


#AgendaGesundheit is the company report 2020 of health insurance AOK Baden-Württemberg »Thinking about tomorrow«.

© Anton Hallmann

woman in fire


Isabel Seliger illustrated the video teaser for the radio play »türken, feuer« by Özlem Özgül Dündar.

© Isabel Seliger

comic with voters and their way to the election for the president of the USA


Simon Bailly illustrated for the children's page of The New York Times. His Comic »What to expect on Election Day« shows the peculiarities caused by Corona in the US presidential election this year.

© Simon Bailly

drawing of children lying in chocolate

a boy looking at a paper
photo of illustrator Ulf K.


Today Ulf K. draws live while the famous TV presenter, author and screenwriter Ralph Caspers reads from his children's book »Wenn Riesen reisen« (When giants travel). At the Book Fair in Frankfurt.
Photo: © Johannes Haas

© Ulf K.

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