a shepherd with a view on a town in a beautiful landscape


Francesco Bongiorni's landscape for the magazine cover of the Fédération Bancaire Française.

© Francesco Bongiorni

two people in front of a building in a storm with flying fishes


The city of Trieste in Italy dedicates the Museo della Bora to the cold wind, the Bora. The magazine The Weekender presents special museums in its »Wunderkammern« section. And Simon Bailly's drawings put us in the right mood.

© Simon Bailly

organs in 3d


Armin Schieb illustrated transplantable organs by Cinema4d. In his 3D images, the organs and their details can be viewed from different angles.

© Armin Schieb

a man with a colorful tree growing out of his head


We welcome the French illustrator Emmanuel Polanco in our Portfolio!

© Emmanuel Polanco

people in a Christmas parade with Santa Clause, an Angel and a Nutcracker


Anton Hallmann illustrated our Season's greetings. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

© Anton Hallmann

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