illustrator Luca Boscardin sitting on his new designed objects made from steel

sketches for the toy design
Luca and the giraffe made from steel


Exotic animals in Amsterdam: ANIMAL FACTORY by Luca Boscardin is based on simple chalk drawings. Now the steel figures at the wharf invite you to play. Luca says about his new work »While from a certain angle the steel construction does not seem to have a specific shape, from another place the contours of a gorilla are clearly visible. In this way the animals form surprises in the industrial landscape.«
Photos: © Tim Stet

© Luca Boscardin

drawing of courtroom with audience and defendant

multi picture illustration with a doctor, laboratory equipment, a boy, a jail window and historic pictures
couple in a deep hug


»Starting in the 1970s, a Baltimore doctor quietly preserved DNA evidence from rape victims, believing science would eventually catch up. Much of it would sit for decades, ignored and unused, until a trailblazing detective and her cold-case team uncovered its secrets« words by ProPublica. Isabel Seliger illustrated the uncover story.

© Isabel Seliger

Shia Su drawing

Tim Ruster drawing
Pauline Brünger drawing


Shia Su, Tim Ruster and Pauline Brünger are extremely active influencers. They share their knowledge about zero waste, astronomy and the environment on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. André Laame portrayed them for Sonar - the education magazine of the Deutsche Telekom Foundation.

© André Laame

illustrated galaxies with the contents of urine


An excursion into the universe of urine parameters. Armin Schieb designed the four galaxies of diagnostics for the company Sysmex. You find the whole panorama illustration of the magazine on the first picture. The second and third pictures are close-ups from the 3d illustration.

© Armin Schieb


»The Crown« Simon Bailly on persons in different roles in series.

© Simon Bailly

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